A quality driving school in Pascoe Vale

Learner 2 Licence is a fully licensed and certified driving school in Pascoe Vale, helping people learn to drive and acquire safe driving skills. Whether you are new to driving or simply looking to hone your defensive driving skills before the final test, our experienced instructors will help you shake the pre-test jitters and guide you through the process. Whether you are looking to drive a manual or an automatic vehicle, we provide private lessons to people from all age groups.

At our driving school in Pascoe Vale, our curriculum is designed to move away from the conventional form of driver’s education and instead offers a more relevant methodology, designed to produce better drivers. We employ research-based training which has proven to be extremely successful for students. Our male and female trainers work closely with each student and help them in being more confident behind the wheel. Our training is designed to be engaging and comprehensive.

Why choose our driving school in Pascoe Vale?

  • At Learner 2 Licence, we offer our students a lifetime of driving success. We teach them the driving skills that would keep them safe and come in handy throughout their life.
  • Our roster includes experienced and patient instructors who care about each student.
  • We give our students a lowdown on the various rules and regulations in place and help them understand the consequences of their actions.
  • We inculcate safe driving skills in our students so that they can better deal with untoward incidents should they ever arise.
  • Being one of the best driving schools in Pascoe Vale, we offer quality driving lessons at competitive rates.
  • We offer flexible schedules to meet the needs of our students.
  • We go the extra mile and pick up our students for practical classes and drop them once it’s over.