A reliable driving school in Preston

Learner 2 Licence is considered one of the most premium driving schools in Preston. Ours is a professional driving school committed to providing quality driver training to students. Your driving success is our top priority. Unlike other driving schools, which simply focus on teaching the basics and how to handle a car, we at Learner 2 Licence try to inculcate safe driving habits in our students and make sure that they always feel confident behind the wheel.

Whether you are new to driving or simply honing your driving skills, our well-tailored comprehensive program will suit your driving needs. Our programs, including the defensive driving course, are facilitated by thoroughly vetted certified driving instructors.

Master the 5 key things to driving

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Turning at an intersection and changing lanes
  • Parking the vehicle and making a U-turn.
  • Driving in traffic without losing your cool
  • Vehicle control even in adverse driving situations

Why choose our driving school in Preston?

  • At Learner 2 Licence, we combine expertise with affordability, without ever compromising on the quality of our lessons.
  • All our instructors are thorough professionals and qualified.
  • At our driving school in Preston, we offer tailored lessons on the basis of your needs. You also get to choose the frequency of the lessons.
  • We offer special driving courses for people simply looking to sharpen their driving skills ahead of their driving test.
  • We focus on developing safe driving habits in our students.

At our esteemed driving school in Preston, our ultimate goal is not to gain fast profits but to teach students safe driving skills and boost their confidence for the eventual driving test. We hope to make the learning experience fun for them and become one of the best driving schools in Preston.