An affordable driving school in Strathmore

Learner 2 Licence has been in business for many years now, and we’ve earned the reputation of being a reliable and affordable driving school in Strathmore. We have many friendly and experienced driving instructors on our roster, who make the driving classes fun and interesting. Whether you want to learn to drive a manual or automatic car, our curriculum is crafted to suit your needs. In addition to normal packages, we also have provisions for more individualized training, suited for individuals simply looking for an on-road driving practice or a mock test lesson.

Why choose our driving school in Strathmore?

  • Learner 2 Licence is home to accredited instructors.
  • We use comfortable vehicles whether you are looking for manual or automatic car driving lessons.
  • We have a flexible schedule. So, students can opt for classes on the basis of their weekly engagements.
  • We offer a range of driving courses – all priced reasonably, geared to offer you one of the best learning experiences.
  • Being one of the best driving schools in Strathmore, we are passionate about driver safety.

Our driving lessons and services

At our driving school in Strathmore, we help beginners learn to drive in a safe, controlled environment. Our professional instructors help drivers in honing their driving skills and safely build experience behind the wheel. Drivers can also opt for our refresher and practice lessons to build their confidence. At Learner 2 Licence, we provide quality, structured, and affordable driving lessons. We have male, as well as female driving instructors for your convenience.

Some of the things that we will help you with:

  • Learn to feel where the wheels are. This would allow you to avoid potholes and avoid scratching the hubcaps when parking.
  • Parking the vehicle using the windows and mirrors.
  • Learn when to use the hand brake, even when you aren’t doing angle parking.
  • Changing lanes and turning at intersections.
  • Learn defensive driving techniques – skills that can save lives in tricky situations.